Super-PacMan is a game written in Java
that was created as part of a mini-project 2
during my first semester of my first year at EPFL
In this game you embody PacMan,
a hungry little yellow ball
that is stuck in a maze with ghosts


Download and install Java for

Download the "" file
by clicking here

How to use

Unzip the downloaded "" file
Execute the "Super-PacMan.jar" file

The game

Goal of the game

The goal of the game is to get out
of the labyrinths of the different levels
of the game without getting eaten by the ghosts
To move from one level to the next,
you must collect a key and / or all the diamonds,
in order to open the door to the next level
The game has 3 levels.


To control Pacman you can use
the arrows on your keyboard
Pacman can only move in spaces
that do not contain walls
Pacman will stop if he meets a wall in front of him
To stop Pacman while moving,
you can press an arrow
that will direct Pacman towards a wall


Your score is displayed at the top left of your screen
To increase it you can eat diamonds, fruits, coins,
or even ghosts when they are scared


Ghosts are present from the second level
There are 3 types:
- Blinky in red, who chooses orientations at random
- Inky in blue, who stalks you when you get too close
to him, and otherwise stay close to their refuge
- Pinky in pink, who stalks you when you get a little
too close, and doesn't hesitate
to stray from his refuge
He is also able to run away from you
when he is afraid

PacMan - Ghosts Interactions

Pay attention ! When you come across a ghost
in your path, it will eat you, causing you
to lose a life and respawn in your spawn position
Ghosts temporarily go into a frightened state
when you eat a coin, allowing you to eat them
When you eat a ghost, you increase your score
and it will respawn in its safe position


Matthias Wyss
Thibault Czarniak